UP_FOUNDATION initiates educational projects for children and young people in Luxembourg.

We are committed to the success and well-being of children, young people, and learners in Luxembourg and strive for equity of opportunity in education.

We believe that education is a driving force for societal progress and support civil society’s commitment to education.


People learn and evolve always and everywhere. We adopt Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung’s (cf. DKJS 2012; Praxishandbuch) broad definition of education that distinguishes between formal, non-formal, informal, and wild education.

In this educational landscape, we operate on four levels: the NET, the FORUM, the LAB, and the AWARD.

Formal education

The mandatory school and university system, hierarchically structured and chronologically organized, leading to certificates and diplomas.


We recognize exceptional individuals and initiatives in the educational field. The flowerpot refers to a trophy, a sign of recognition awarded for outstanding efforts.

Non-formal education

Any form of optional organized education, offered by various institutions, clubs, and associations.


We initiate new projects and solutions in the educational field. The watering can refers to the act of watering to make something grow. For new initiatives and projects to emerge, it takes time, measured watering, and constant care.


We organize meetings, forums, and debates to address current educational challenges. The fire refers to the act of gathering around a fireplace to discuss, listen, and get inspired. It is a warming metaphor.


We connect people, associations, and initiatives in support of the educational cause. The mushroom refers to this network. Like mushrooms connected by underground linkages, we bring together people and initiatives.

Informal education

Any unplanned and unintentional educational process, determined by daily life amid family, friends, school, work, and leisure.

Wild education

Spontaneous and sometimes risky actions that are part of children and young people’s normal evolution.



The Board of Directors


  • Raymond Schadeck, president
  • Christianne Wickler, vice-president
  • Philippe Depoorter, treasurer
  • Liz Kremer-Rauchs, director
  • Sonia Hoffmann, secretary
  • Nadia Faber
  • David Schrieberg
  • Gaston Ternes

The Scientific Board


  • Gaston Ternes, president
  • Jean-Paul Bertemes
  • Françoise Gillen
  • Liz Kremer-Rauchs
  • Jacques Küntziger
  • Marie-Adelaïde Leclercq-Olhagaray
  • Anne Mazuis-Goldenberg
  • René Schlechter
  • Luc Schroeder

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