Zesumme si mer staark

The BILDUNG BEWEEGT project highlights and celebrates the commitment of Luxembourg's society to education in all its forms.

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, our colorful old school bus TOTO is touring Luxembourg's five regions (south, west, north, east, and center).

4 project pillars

In each of the five regions, we organize between April and May :

1. an educational program for children and young people, implemented by our network of partners​

2. a "Bildung Beweegt: Zesumme si mer staark!" exhibition highlighting the commitment of educational actors and young people

3. a "Let's Talk Education" panel discussion during which five speakers talk about a specific topic related to education

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4. In November, we conclude the project with the publication of a political plea for the education of tomorrow.

If you want to know more about this project, you can contact

Ben Piret, project manager,