Together we are strong

BILDUNG BEWEEGT highlights and celebrates the commitment of Luxembourg's society to education in all its forms.

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we launched the BILDUNG BEWEEGT project. To this end, TOTO, our colourful old school bus, toured Luxembourg's five regions (south, west, north, east and center).

Four project pillars

In April and May 2023, we organised various activities in each of the five regions:

1. an educational program for children and young people, implemented by our network of partners​,

2. an exhibition that highlighted the commitment of educational actors, civil society and young people,

3. a "Let's Talk Education" panel discussion during which five speakers from civil society discussed a specific topic related to education.
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4. In December 2023, we concluded the project with the publication of our "SEEDS for Education" position paper, which outlines our proposals for successful education.
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