Culture and me

The CULTURE_UP programme offers educational workshops to institutions that work with youth, allowing the latter to awaken their creativity and potential.

The CULTURE_UP programme offers extracurricular cultural workshops to various institutions, associations, and initiatives that work with children and young people. These diversified and high-quality offers cover all fields of non-formal education and are implemented by our various educational partners. They promote children's and young people's creativity and allow them to discover their passions and potential.

Since launching the programme in November 2020, various projects have taken place:

  • Kamelle'Schmelz project (June, July, and November 2022):
    Science, tasting, and storytelling workshops on steel and sweets in the context of the Kamelle'Schmelz by artist Trixi Weis and in partnership with Bâtiment 4 for children from the CIGL Maison relais, the Dellhéicht school, the Nonnewisen school. and the Maison relais du Brill
  • Graffiti project at the Martin Losch Garage in Esch (September 2022) :
    Painting workshops that have resulted in the painting of two old tyre containers of the Garage Martin Losch in Esch by 8 children of CIGL's Maison relais, supervised by two street artists of the Kamellebuttek (contemporary art gallery)
  • CULTURE_UP project at CIGL's Maison relais and Accueil éducatif (February 2022) :
    Theater, philosophy, and music workshops and creation of a film on the protection of the planet
  • CULTURE_UP project at Caritas' social supermarket and refugee shelter Esch-Neudorf (2020 and 2021):
    Storytelling, music, and creativity workshops


You are an institution or a company that wants to promote youth education in your region? We can help you set up a tailor-made project revolving around creative workshops for young people!

If you want to know more about the programme, you can contact

Alexandra Castermans, programme manager,