Des réseaux solides pour faciliter le développement positif des enfants et des jeunes

The BILDUNGSLANDSCHAFTE LËTZEBUERG program promotes, supports, and coordinates the establishment of educational landscapes that help youth to develop in a positive way.

The BILDUNGSLANDSCHAFTE LËTZEBUERG program promotes the establishment of participatory, innovative, and sustainable educational landscapes across Luxembourg and supports their networking through the establishment of a national coordination structure.

These dynamic local networks are based on effective structures and systematic partnerships between local actors and help address local challenges and strengthen youth education at the local level.

A range of local educational landscapes at the service of youth

An educational landscape is a local project that brings together and coordinates the educational offerings of formal and non-formal actors. Oriented towards the needs of local children and/or young people, it encourages educational actors to feel responsible for children and/or young people, which in turn, strengthens children's and/or young people's sense of belonging and equal opportunities.

Seven educational landscapes are currently under construction and/or discussion:

  • Esch2022
  • Naturpark Öewersauer
  • City of Esch
  • City of Ettelbruck
  • City of Differdange (Service jeunesse)
  • City of Luxembourg
  • City of Wiltz

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An educational landscape is a local project that solves a collective challenge. It focuses on children’s and young people’s needs and promotes a sense of belonging and equal opportunities.

If you want to know more about this program, you can contact

Silke Adams ( or Ben Piret (, program managers