The SERVICE ENFANCE ETTELBRUCK project aims to amplify the voice of Ettelbruck's children and bring together the City's educational actors and their projects.

Ettelbruck's children's department, a cooperation with the City of Ettelbruck, is a new professional structure that aims to promote the positive development of its children.

Located at Beyserhaus, a building situated in the middle of the schoolyard, the new department has three missions:

  • develop and support educational projects for Ettelbruck's children to encourage their active participation
  • create a network of local educational actors to foster local partnerships
  • establish a presence in the City and increase the visibility of Ettelbruck's children

A project dating back to 2021

Since 2021, the City of Ettelbruck has committed to bringing together individuals and institutions in charge of encouraging, supervising, or accompanying Ettelbruck's children. Participatory workshops helped consolidate existing resources and initiatives and identify the concerns and needs of City actors.

During 14 workshops in January 2022, around 150 children from the primary school and Maison Relais developed numerous "Ideas of Change" for reinventing their City, school, and Maison Relais and presented them to political and educational actors.

If you want to know more about this project, you can contact

Ben Piret, project manager,
Aitana Kugeler, project manager,